Success Factors of Dubai E-Government

Order Description
write an article that explores the success factors of Dubai E-government. Mainly, the article should describe what, how and why Dubai E-Government became successful (factors, milestones, statistics etc etc). The first 2 pages can be a brief history, stages, and definition of Electronic Government generally, and the rest should all be about Dubai E-Government and its success. I attached a zip file that contains 8 Journal articles and one UN Report that praises e-government in the UAE please do literature review based on the articles. This is a conceptual paper, you may get your sources from:
1) The articles that I uploaded or other journal articles
2) News articles – plenty can be found about Dubai e-government in google
3) Dissertations.
4) United Nations Reports on E-Government in UAE.

Note: Dubai E-government has been officially renamed to “Dubai Smart Government” by the government of Dubai in 2013 or 2011 not sure.

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