substantive information

Please read first and then respond to their questions in a simple paragraph to each one bellow (separate) #1 through #5
SUBSTANTIVE 1 full paragraph on each of the responses (separately)
• Greet a specific student or a group of fellow students by name.
• Put key concepts in own words and provide unique examples
•Add substantive information, asks meaningful questions to peers and provides substantive responses
•Draw insightful conclusions that are thoroughly defended
Write responses that can be easily understood and are clear and concise
• Clearly identify the source of information and evidence that you do use.
• Include detail from our text and common reading as evidence for what you have to say (Remember that others will need to draw on our readings, too, so only use just enough information from our readings to make your point clearly).

#1. Midgat

There are many ways for a researcher to gather sample data and conduct analysis of the same date. Textbook mentions random and non-random sampling techniques.
Class, have you ever used either of the sampling techniques?
Did you prefer to use random sampling to non-random sampling?
What are your thoughts on sampling? Is it beneficial to companies?

#2. Jan k
A sampling distribution is the probability distribution of a given statistic based on a random sample. Sampling distributions are important in statistics because they provide a major simplification on the route to statistical inference.
When completing the samples I noticed the sampling distribution of a statistic, rather than on the joint probability distribution of all the individual sample values. Each sample had its own average value, which is the sample distribution of the sample mean.
If the distribution population is normal, although sampling distributions may also often be close to normal even when the population distribution is not. . When calculating the sample mean from the same population, it has a different sampling distribution to that of the mean.

#3. Midgat
As you will learn throughout this week, we will be relying on Central Limit Theorem and standard error to determine if the sample of the population surveyed is enough to make the general assumption about the same population.
Class, why is the Central Limit Theorem so important for the study of sampling and sampling distributions?

#4. Christopher
After reading the article, it seems to me that the Ukrainian leaders pretty much ignore the three spheres when it comes to responsible actions. They have a “democratic” political system; which is supposed to be better for the citizens by allowing for free elections and stopping any one ruler to have total power. But this democracy is almost just for show as there are no real checks and balances in place to deter totalitarian rule.
This allows for poor social responsibility almost across the board. Laws are selectively applied and enforced in ways that only benefit the leader and help keep them in power. There are almost no formal procedures/actions that are consistently followed nationwide…creating gaps in how the citizens are treated and governed. This shows how important it is to have a true plan of concrete actions with checks & balances to create a socially responsible environment. The democratic system in the Ukraine has far too many holes in it which makes it all too easy for the leader to act as a total ruler and impose his will in order to remain in power. It seems they will forever govern like they did in the days of Soviet rule…even if it seems like a free democracy on the outside.
Unfortunately, I fear that other countries (especially those formally ruled by the Soviet Union) see the Ukraine and will operate in the same fashion. The way they ignore the three spheres as they apply to social responsibility has allowed for a sort of totalitarian rule which others are sure to mimic.
#5. djamila
After reading “Managers of the Gray Zone”, understanding and evaluation of the leaders of Ukraine, it is clearly apparent that the strong leadership tendencies of overwhelming government control of the citizenship and the activities that take place within that country, have been influenced heavily from the previous Soviet governmental methodologies that have been used.
This is applicable to the three spheres due to the fact that this form of leadership leads to a high level of political influence and control, military control, as well as a high level control over the economy by the government. Where government does not make decision that will necessarily benefit all the stakeholders.
The gaps in political power and informal actions contribute in understanding the three spheres (economic, political, and civil) because increasing gaps and in formal actions lead to less domination of the three spheres by the government, and more freedom of choice by the citizenry. This can create a chain of action on other countries in this region due to the fact that these countries may be interdependent upon the Ukraine for economic trade or other partnership, and as a result these countries’ three spheres will be affected by changes in Ukrainian leadership style.


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