1. The question is (Describe four (4) common early clinical signs/symptoms/ issues following stroke, and briefly outline the role that each member of the multidisciplinary team plays in addressing these features in the early rehabilitation phase.)
2. Describe four (4) clinical sings and symptoms following a stroke. Describe what they look like; what they might feel like; how it might present to you as a clinician. Also what the patient might complain of or how might they behaving because of it.
3. It says issues. Every sign and symptoms of the 4 has an impact. I want you to outline why each sign and symptom is important and how does it impact on strike recovery. For example, Shoulder pain has a big impact and it will effect on their upper limb recovery. So it is more like to state why you are talking about this particular sign or symptom.
4. Outline the role that each member of the multidisciplinary team plays. Remember that not all the symptoms will have every multidisciplinary team member. This means if you choose shoulder pain, the speech therapist will have no role in this symptom compares to the doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, family member, and patient. Then, discuss about what each might bring to the table and how they are all important as part of the rehab process. And how they are going to work together.


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