strategies and Tactics to build media relations ON NIKE INC.

Communication Planning Final Project:
•?Complete written plan (10%) (one compiled version for the group) – Due Week 7.
Based on the paper submitted for week 7 (Complete Plan ON NIKE INC).

•?Prepare 15 power point slides with speaker notes that present the material from week 7: Complete Plan

Strategy Objectives for the PR Campaign media relations’    plan including
o Media relations’ strategy
o Identify the organization’s publics
o Identify the risks in the strategy.
o Write a media release and create a media distribution list for the media release
Tactical plan utilizing at least five of the PR tools listed below:
o Event planning
o Open house
o Press conference
o Community event
o Sponsorship
o Corporate newsletter (internal and/or external)
o Direct mail
o Internet/intranet
o Social media
o Promotional items
o Promotions – sweepstakes
o Spokesperson

How you will evaluate the business implications of your PR Campaign

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