Statistics Project, Statistics

Statistics Project

Project description
I need writer to be clear and concise and following directions. I will need the writer to place the answers directly on the exam not separate. I will upload the exam. Here is a preview.

I. Dataset Creation

Using the measure for clinical practice included in your exam packet,
A. Create an SPSS data file for the first 20 items of your assigned clinical measure (hat you were given in class. Completing all fields in variable view.

B. Be sure to also include all demographic variables appropriate for the population for which the clinical measure was designed.

C. Email the data file you create.

D. E-mail me the data file. so review it for errors before you send it.

II. Preparing Datasets for Analysis (5 points)
Using the Survey of Urban Americans 2012 data file and using SPSS:
A. Randomly select 20% of the 1974 cases in the data file
B. Create a “screen shot” of the Data View Screen which displays some of the cases that were both included and excluded.
C. Using the 20% of cases conduct the statistical tests you would use for the data cleaning process on 2 demographic, 1 substance abuse and 1 criminal justice related variable.
D. Write a report of the results of your analysis, using “copy & paste” to including the relevant SPSS output.

III) Computing & Interpreting Measures of Central Tendency and Variability

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