starbucks: delivering customer service

Subject: Business

4 paragraph analysis, addressing the 4 main following points (1 paragraph per point). The analysis should highlight points that may be useful to a marketing manager by applying concepts and frameworks from class material. Students should not simply summarize facts about the case in their write-up; rather, students should articulate their thoughts and critical thinking. Please, no bullet-point type answers.
but may use an Appendix or Exhibits to support an argument
A good case analysis should achieve answers to the following:
1. What are the important problems confronting this firm? This includes anticipating problems
before they occur so the firm can take steps to prevent them, as well as identifying existing
2. What information does the decision-maker have that may be the cause of, or is useful for
addressing these problems?
3. What are the various solutions to these problems? What are the strengths and weaknesses
of each?
4. Which solution should the decision-maker choose, and why is it better than the other
solutions? How should the decision-maker implement this solution?
please note one paragraph for each point

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