Sports Article sporting event

Write a 300-500 word sports article. (a new one)
This sporting event must be one you witness either in person or on the television. Take good notes while watching the event.
You may write on an event you choose, whether it be a local football game or a national golf tournament. The choice is yours!
If you write on a local event, grab your camera and take a few photos to add to the article.
Use the Wire Service Style for writing located on page 5 in Appendix 2.

Eng 219 – Week 6 Rubric
Writing Assignment: Write a Sports Article

Category    Points    Weighting    Description
Ideas & Content    30 pts    43%    All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.  Style of writing and content are appropriate to assignment. (For

example, news articles report on the news, obituaries are short and only have relevant information, etc.)  The style and content are clearly established and fit the

genre of the article and are suitable for inclusion in the class newspaper.
Grammar and Spelling    10 pts    14%    Paper is well written and is college level writing.  Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. Spelling is

correct. Little or no need for editing.
Organization     30 pts    43%    Clear article lead (introduction) to set up the story and the student touched on who, what, when and where within the article. Included

a headline that was strong and concise.  Good use of sources, paraphrasing material and direct quotes. Strong flow in article and keeps reader’s interest.  Sentences

are complete and clear. Variation in pacing, sentence structure and length adds interest to the article. Demonstrates effective journalistic style of writing.
Total    70 Pts    100%    A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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