: Solving Telecommunication problems network Through Linear Programming using Lindo

Topic: Solving Telecommunication problems network Through Linear Programming using Lindo

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an introduction and Introductory Analysis I will give you my research peaper to know what u will write about I want u to write about the first three models and here the instroctions:
1. Construct an introduction to a scienti?c research article
An introduction is not simply a series of summarised references on a topic. An introduction is argumentative, and the purpose of the referencing is to provide evidence to support your thesis statement or key message. You should integrate the references to provide the background for your study: the needs, importance and rationale for the study. You should outline how your project sits within an existing field of research, the gap within the existing body of research and justify your study: how is your contribution to the literature significant? You may also provide information to explain how the remainder of your dissertation or paper is organised: a roadmap to guide the reader.
Length and number of references The length of your introduction should be consistent with that of most published papers; it is suggested that you do not exceed two pages. The emphasis of this assignment is on the quality of your introduction, not the length.
You are expected to read widely to establish the context for your study, outline your field of research and identify the gaps in your field of research that provide the need for your own research. As a guide, you should include approximately 20-25 key references in your introduction, although this number may vary somewhat depending on the nature of your research topic; the key is the relevance of the literature rather than quantity. However, this does not mean that you will need to find and review only 20-25 references. You may find that you locate and read many references to build your understanding of your topic, but not reference them in your introduction.
The references must be relevant to your subject and should consist only of peer-reviewed publications. Newspaper articles, Wikipedia entries etc. will not be accepted.
2. Analysis and critique of your introduction You are required analyse your writing by addressing the following in your assignment immediately following your introduction:
1. Analyse your title: List the questions that a reader with no knowledge of your topic might have when they read your title and show where in your introduction you have answered these questions. Justify the effectiveness of your title. 2. Identify your thesis statement. 3. Identify the following argument stages in your introduction (see Cargill and O’Connor, 2013, pp 44 and 45 for explanation and an example): 3.1.Stage one: Statements about the field of research to provide the reader with context for the problem to be investigated and the importance of the topic. 3.2.Stage two: More specific statements about the aspects of the problem already studied by other researchers, and the information that is already known about your field of research. 3.3.Stage three: Statements that outline the gap in existing knowledge – what is the need for further research
3.4.Stage four: Very specific statements providing the aims of the study or the research question. 3.5.Stage ?ve: Statements that outline the research outcomes. 3.6.Stage six (optional): Statements that outline the organisation of the remainder of the paper (a roadmap for the reader) 4. Justify on your referencing style: have you used predominantly author-prominent or information-prominent referencing, and why? 5. Provide an analysis of your paragraph structure for at least three paragraphs by: 5.1.Justify why you have chosen the first sentence to be the topic sentence of the paragraph. 5.2.Explain how you have achieved a logical ?ow of ideas in the paragraph. 5.3.Identify and explain the purpose of each part of your paragraph: the topic sentence, the body, the transition and conclusion. 5.4.Justify the location of your references in your paragraphs (are your references in the topic sentences, the middle or end of your paragraphs? Why have you cited references here?) .

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