Sociological Analysis of Religion

To complete this assignment, you need to examine the interactions between religion and one of the sociological factors or social institutions. Sociological factors refer to age, gender, race/ethnicity, and social class, etc. Family and marriage, mass media, political and economic systems, and education are regarded as social institutions from sociological perspectives. For example, you may want to discuss the role of religion in strengthening family bonds, or you could show how some religions have been used to reinforce racial/ethnic stereotypes. ?

Cite at least three?scholarly sources, including peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, and research report from accredited research institutions. Again, try to detach yourself from your own religious beliefs. Use neutral languages when describing facts and narrating stories. Format: 1.?Length: 6-8 pages (no more than 8 pages), double spaced 2.?Font: Times New Roman 3.?Font size: 12 point 4.?Margin: 1 inch from all sides. 5.?Use American Psychological Association citation styles. Check with the instructor if you do not know how to cite using the APA?style. ? Grading

criteria: 1.?Identify your research topic clearly. (10 points) 2.?Discuss a sociological perspective that guides your research. (10 points) 3.?Analyze, sociologically, the interactions between religion and a sociological factor or a social institution. (30 points) 4.?Use cases sensibly to support your analyses. (30 points) 5.?Cite sources in correct places (10 points). 6.?Writing skills and other formatting matters (10 points).


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