Social Psychology Experiment

Social Psychology Experiment
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For this assignment, you will need to conduct an actual social experiment. Because I will not directly see your social experiment, you will need to describe (in detailed writing) the purpose / hypotheses / procedures / methods / results for this experiment, and discuss how your social experiment relates to some aspect of Social Psychology. This term paper will focus on more practical applications of social psychology rather than theoretical applications.

Term Papers must meet the following criteria:
Papers need to be 7 pages in length, typed, double spaced, with 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Margins need to be 1 inch on all sides. You do not need a title page, abstract, or reference page. Papers should be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. They should be organized, clear. Additionally, you do not need to use citations in this paper.
(20 points) Include a general description of your experiment. What is the purpose of conducting such an experiment? Why did you choose to design your experiment this way? What area/theory of social psychology does your experiment address? What results do you think you will find? Clearly state a hypothesis for this experiment (For example: I believe a majority of people will …)

(20 points) Describe exactly what you did in your social experiment. This includes describing (step by step) how you prepared / set up the experiment, any materials you may have used for the experiment, and a complete description of your procedure. This description should be detailed enough so that if I wanted to repeat your experiment, I would be able to do it the exact same way.
(20 points) Finally, I want you to report your findings from this experiment and interpret what these findings mean in relation to social psychology. You do not need to report your findings using statistics, but you may do this if you feel it strengthens what you found.

You must answer all of these questions:
What patterns in behaviors/responses did you notice about the people you observed?
Were there any people/events during your experiment that stood out?
Were there any expected/ unexpected findings in people’s behaviors?
Was your original hypothesis correct/incorrect? Explain your interpretation.
How did your experiment address what you were trying to show?
Were there any problems with the setting/people in your experiment?

VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT design your experiment so that you put yourself or others at any risk. Because of this, I would avoid engaging in physical contact or using aggression with strangers or people you are trying to observe. I am allowing you to do anything you want for this experiment, but please exercise common sense as well when you do it. If you think your experiment could potentially cause harm to you or other people (social reputation, emotional, psychological well- being, physical health, etc.), do not attempt it.

***Note to writer from student: Please pick anything you want for this experiment that has to do with social psychology. I don’t care if you make it up, just let it make sense. Also, avoid anything found online (I am sure that goes without saying) my professor uses a badass plagiarism tracker so please avoid! Also, before you get started please send me a message with at least two options of experiments you want to write about. I will be uploading PDF chapters of the text book to use in relating the experiment to the materials we have been learning Thank you!

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