social networking sites

The aim of this project is going to investigate how the social networking sites influence consumer’s purchases behavior of university students in UK: to provide

suitable recommendation for cosmetic retailers to improve their online strategy.

(Feedback from supervisor: Why are you mixing up the purchase process investigation in two halves over two objectives? Your objectives should be SMART and simple, but

you are still cramming too much into each – please get them to be organized and make sense)

1)     Investigate each stage of buyer decision process and the social network influence,identify the link between university students and social media.

2)     Identify how the E-WOM influence consumers’ purchase behavior (i.e. Friends and family, products reviews from social networking sites) and investigate which

step is most affected, in term of Cosmetics industry.

3)     To investigate the promotion methods (E-coupon, banner advertising) that can optimize the influence of consumers’ purchase decision from social networking site,

in term of Cosmetics industry.

4)    To compare the influence of E-WOM and promotion methods on consumer’s purchase behavior, and to find out which factor has more influence on customer when they

purchase the  cosmetic products

5)     To provide potential and reasonable recommendation for cosmetic and Fashion retailers to improve their online strategy.


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