Signs of aging

Paper instructions:

Signs of Aging

Find two (one for each stage) articles in the public media (e.g., newspapers, magazines, Internet site that relates to the signs of aging in middle AND late

adulthood. Pay particular attention to the advertisements and articles dealing with wrinkles, loss of hair, and weight. How many send the message (overtly and

covertly) that these natural signs of aging are acceptable or not acceptable? In what ways are the messages conveyed to the audience? Is there a difference in the

messages to men and women? How do these relate to the developmental stages in the textbook?

Read the information in the textbook that signifies different stages of development (i.e., physical, cognitive, emotional, personality, etc.). Students may want to

visit the DeVry Library and the sites provided in the Webliography tab for easy access to credible information. Your grade will be based on the following.

Relevance to developmental psychology
Summary: Was the information sufficient for the audience to understand what was in the public media, whether or not you found it credible, and why or why not?
Evaluation of the sources: Criteria used to complete the evaluation


Information on the media and developmental stages in middle and late adulthood.
Textbook information on stages of development
Written paper is designed as typical college writing standards for an essay paper
Cover page
Minimum two to three pages (does not include cover or reference page)
No larger than 12-point font
1-in. margins on top, bottom, and sides
In-text citations (APA guidelines)
Reference page (APA guidelines)

Grading Rubric

70 points: All of the questions and requirements that are listed above have been met. Paper demonstrates analysis, logic, reasoning, and clarity in writing. There

are no spelling, grammar or sentence errors within the paper. Student has properly cited research by using APA style within the paper and reference page.

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