1. Organize 5 research articles that are related to a topic area of interest to you within a social science discipline.(Sexting)
2. Write an introduction to your topic and the overall problem you are addressing.
3. Write a literature review using the models provided:
a. Is the article a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods paper?
b. What is the purpose of the project? Exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, critical, or action oriented? Explain how.
c. Describe the study?s population, sample, and the kind of sample used.
d. Was the study generalizable? Why or why not?
e. What method(s) of data collection was used?
f. Evaluate the extent to which the research was conducted in an ethical manner.
g. What was the study?s major finding(s)?
h. What are your views, opinions, critiques of the study?
i. After identifying and analyzing the relationship between the independent and dependent variables, propose and explain a theory that accounts for the outcome.
4. Conclude your literature review with a brief proposal for a new study based on what you learned.
This proposal should include a purpose statement, research questions and/or hypotheses, and an overview of the planned procedures. These components should be consistent with the overall research design.
5. Include and provide a reference to a literature map with your literature review, as discussed in
Creswell (2009).




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