“Service Bundle”

OPTION1: Entire team (or some members) of the team can combine the services defined in Project1 into a larger  “Service Bundle” (a Composite) that may represent an initiative, a department, an office, a department, whatever.

Your deliverable is a report that shows the following:
•    An OO design solution for the services defined in proj1 (this is just an extension of Project1)
•    An OO design solution for this Service Bundle (you must use the materials in the text to develop the design). See Attachment A for explanation service bundles.
•    Show the relationships (arrows) between services defined in proj1. This is an example of meta data (data about data)  thatmakes the Patterns rich and intelligent.

OPTION2:Members  of a team may study (individually or collectively)  any topic within the scope of this course. This may, for example, be one of the following problems:
•    Analyze and design solution to a particular real life problem (you must start with high level analysis and then go through requirements and design stages)
•    Investigate and develop ICT solutions for some UN problems  such as small islands (e.g., Timor-Leste, Samoa, Papoa-New Guine)  or ICT for the “Sustainable Development Goals” initiative. More information will be provided later.

This is an optional extra credit assignment. Choose any one of the following to earn extra points (each bullet item carries 30 points):
•    You may select Option1 or Option2 from Part A (whatever you have not done but wanted to do).
•    Show the service bundles developed in option1, with interrelationships, as an ontology and represent it through OWL
•    Select a topic from Database Design, User Interface Design and Security Design (see chapters 13, 14 and 15 of the text for more details). You must choose only one topic
•    Select and use a systems analysis and design tool that will help you to develop option1 or option2.

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