( seminar topic) (ONE LASER for EACH TOPIC)

Learning Achievement Self-Evaluation Records (LASERs for short) are designed to
allow you to document and reflect upon the material you will encounter in your
Autumn seminar session. In particular they are designed:
? to make systematic records of your learning experience of the seminar topics;
? to take a critical approach to the course material;

Integrate and Interpret LASER 1 “Critical periods in development”, LASER 2 “Joint attention & language development” (The following questions remain for both lasers THE SAME and each needs to be written for BOTH topics) Total – 2×750 words (Got a good list of references on both, will send it over, if needed)
Topic : ( seminar topic) (ONE LASER for EACH TOPIC)
i) What were the main areas that were covered on this seminar topic? (approx 150 words)
ii) What is/are the main messages/themes and theories used to understand this topic? How
coherently is this core message conveyed through research? (approx 250 words)
iii) Critically evaluate the extent to which research answers questions about those key themes?
(approx 200 words)
iv) Reflect on the importance of this theme for your understanding of developmental psychology as a
whole? (approx 150 words)
1)    Are the central characteristics of the developmental phenomenon
being written about, concisely and accurately summarised? (A concise
and accurate overview of an area is a good indicator that the topic has
been understood.)
2) Have theories been concisely presented and evaluated through
evidence-based discussion?
3) Have you thought about how the common message or theme has
influenced your understanding of developmental psychology more
generally (for example, issues of nature/nurture and development; the
influence of atypical development on understanding typical

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