Second language acquisition (L2)

Topic: Second language acquisition (L2)

Order Description
Basic entry level research paper ( minus the actual research) outcomes to be hypothesized by the writer based on the materials used (5 sources only!) Please use brief passages from articles on journals, NOT DISSERTATIONS, or BOOKS! The idea is that this is a paper for students without the background in research papers. APA (linguistics) double spaced, times new roman. Although a basic paper, it should demonstrate
Master level language proficiency. A first draft (3/4 of work completed, and an outline of the rest of paper and a Bibliography (five sources only) Articles from Journals (few pages each, not from dissertations or books). Authors could be Noam Chomsky, Krashen, Campos , Richard Smith , Skinnard are well known authorities, you could add , but limit sources to 5 authors only. I’ll upload 2 pages of information which will explain everything into details. Identify a problem to be addressed in the 5 articles . I’ll upload further instructions tonight.

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