sales and purchasing management

Subject: Management
As a salesperson for Strength Footwear, Inc., you have been very successful.
Your commissions are well over $70,000 a year. Demand for your product line is very strong, but so is the demand on your time. You work your territory 220 days a year and can make 4 calls a day. The maximum number of times you need to see any account is every other week, but you need to call on each account at least once a quarter. To help you allocate your time according to sales results, you have gathered the following information on customer sales:
Accounts Sales Last Year
Top 10 Accounts $150,000
Next 10 best accounts 56,250
Next 10 best accounts 55,500
Next 20 best accounts 37,500
Next 20 best accounts 37,000
Next 20 best accounts 18,750
Last 20 accounts 15,000
Total $370,000
Develop and justify a call schedule for allocating time across the 110 customers in your territory.
What additional information should you consider in allocating your time?

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