Running for a seat in the House of Representatives

Paper instructions:
This assignment invites you to imagine that you are a candidate running for a seat in the House of Representatives.
Becoming a political candidate:
What is your home district? Who is the current representative? How many terms has he or she been in office?
Who would your potential constituents be? Discuss the geographic and demographic constituencies in your home district. Does the majority population consist of a minority group? What is the ideological composition of your home district?
How would you try to win their support?
Discuss some reasons why you would choose to run for office. Also, discuss some challenges that would cause you to reconsider running for office.
What issues are important to the people in your home district?
Discuss how you would attempt to distinguish yourself from the incumbent candidate.
Discuss some strategies for winning your party’s nomination against the incumbent candidate.
The campaign:
How would you run your campaign? Would you hire consultants, friends, or family members to manage your campaign? Why or why not?
Discuss how you would attempt to raise money for your campaigns.
Identify issues or policies that you would highlight in your campaign. What is your political party’s position on those positions? Do you agree with the party’s positions?
What are some challenges that you would encounter during your campaign? How would you attempt to address these challenges?
Once in office:
Congratulations! You have not only won your party nomination, but you have successfully won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives!
Now that you are in office, what is your strategy for accomplishing your policy goals? Is it beneficial to participate on a committee? If yes, then which committee would you want to join?
Would you attempt to run for a leadership position in your party? Why or why not?
Discuss some potential challenges that you would encounter while in office. How would you address these challenges?

Would you run for re-election? Why or why not?
What lessons did you learn from this assignment?
Excellent essays will…
• answer the questions posed by making a logical, coherent argument in support of a clear thesis;
• clearly communicate an understanding of the issues that are important to people in your district, challenges encountered by candidates running for office, and representatives in office.
• discuss how your campaign and tenure in office would promote these issues.
• demonstrate mastery of course materials, including the Davidson text AND relevant supplemental readings;


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