Roles in The Sakuntala(W3)

Subject: Literature



1. Roles in The Sakuntala: Most narratives tend to have some set roles to which different characters can be assigned. How does this work (or not) in The Sakuntala? Can we sort out a clear protagonist and antagonist? Why or why not?
2. The Role of Comedy: The scene where the ring is found again is rather slapstick. How does this compare to the mood in the rest of the play, and why do you think Kalidasa would have chosen to put the finding in a scene of this kind?
3. Status and Duty: A recurring theme in The Sakuntala is that of status and duty/dharma. Choose one part of the play where this theme plays a significant role, and explain how the theme is used there.
4. Karma: Consider the ending of the play. It seems to be a happy ending, after everything has gone on. Can this ending be read as karma?

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