Role of Modern Media in Crisis Communication

Pleas use the book: Crisis Communication: Theory and Practice by Alan Jay Zaremba.
until chapter 4!
other 2 citation outside the book are need it.

Provide your examination of the current state of crisis communication and how the process has been affected by new media trends. Specifically, describe and analyze how Web-based and social media have created, accelerated, exacerbated crisis for modern organizations. Describe and analyze how organizations engaged in crisis have employed new media on their behalf to counter effects. Cite current (within the past five years) academic and professional studies, articles, and other authoritative sources. Cite specific cases as appropriate to support your findings and views. Papers will be assigned grade points based on the quality of research and sources, original thinking, clarity and effectiveness of analysis, quality and clarity of organization and writing. Papers should be 5-6 pages, 1+1/2 line spacing, following APA style guidelines. This is a zero-tolerance zone for grammar and spelling errors. The NEU Writing Quality Rubric described in the syllabus applie

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