Role Morality

Be sure to use examples or cases that illustrate the problem, and discuss a couple of potential resolutions.
1. Role Morality. How might certain professions morally require a professional to act in ways that conflicts with “common morality”? Be sure not to confuse this issue with the idea that social status makes a professional more worthy or entitled (sometimes that is what people mean by “role morality”). Can the conflict be resolved? Note–Luban is the main source we used for this topic.
2. Professionalism vs Commercialism. One critical element of the professions is that they are not simply commercial operations or businesses. A business has the purpose of making profits–a profession has the purpose of serving humanity. But most professions function as businesses too. What are some cases of commercialism affecting professionalism? How does growing commercialism affect the professions in general–not just the individual?

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