Rice farming in Australia

Subject: Economics
Economics consultancy Project Report
Topic : Rice Farming In Australia.
Water allocation
Client: Government of Victoria.
Issue: Stick to rice farming or change to other agricultural options
Things to consider just an example.
1. River Murray
2. Rice farming effect on environment
a. Disadvantages. Not native to Ausstralia, requires rainfall much higher than what Ausstralia has, may cause unforeseen effects in times of draught etc

3. Rice farming effect on Economy
a. Advantages. Food production, economy from export, job creation etc

4. Impacts of change on environment
– Cost of not changing from farming rice to other agricultural options or even just stop farming rice. Means keep growing rice.
– Effects on the river
– Effects on SA (South Australia)

5. Impacts of change on economy impact of changing from growing rice. Means if we stop growing rice what are the impacts on economy.
a- Cost to change if we want to stop growing rice what are the costs we will face. Forexample start to bring rice from overseas and many people will be left without jobs etc.

b- Infrastructure. Does it allow change? Is it possible to change rice to any other crops. Will it use less water.

c- Effects on local businesses

6. Climate change and uncertainty



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