Review and reflect paper about Victims for criminal justice

This paper for Victimology class. We need to choose one book and one movie related to victims and write a review and reflect paper. All details are attached.. You can choose any book and movie you’d like to but you need to check with me to confirm if they are okay for our course.
(1) Psychological Health, Victims, & The Media
Numerous psychological studies have explored the link between media and behavior. In this case, students (you) are going to examine the possible relationship between popular/mainstream stories and victim phenotypes. To do this, and to encourage your engagement with the material and understanding, instead of one larger research paper, students are required to submit 2 review & reflect papers. The papers will be double-spaced, 1” margins, and should have a cover page and a reference section, and should be 3-5 pages in content length (meaning that the absolute minimum length should be 5 pages, with 1 cover page, 3 pages of content/text, and 1 reference section page). These are not formal papers; however, spelling and grammar do count, and citations should be in APA 6th format. Please see for a helpful formatting resource. Further instructions are on the following page.
Paper topics: You will select one from each of the following:

(1) Select one book (popular fact or fiction, such as something from a main-stream Best Sellers list, or Book Club list—New York, Oprah, etc.), which has either a thematic component of victimization, or the protagonist (principal character) who has been victimized.
(2) Select a popular movie (something non-independent and that is/was mainstream) OR 2 one-hour episodes of the same show (such as two episodes of Jerry Springer, or two episodes of Law & Order SVU, etc.), which has either a thematic component of victimization, or the principal character has been victimized.
Your purpose is to evaluate one book, and one of the movie/television programs, to examine the “media” portrayal of the victims of that particular type of abuse/crime. You will evaluate the two on the following:

• How accurately did the book/show demonstrate the profile of that type of victim?
• How did the victim respond?
• How did others respond to the victim before, during, and after the event?
• What, if any, was the outcome for the victim?
• Did the victim receive help/demonstrate healing?
• Compare and contrast it with what we have learned in class about that “type” or profile of victim/crime
• Put yourself into that character…do you think you (based on your personal experiences) would have responded differently? Why or why not?
• If you were a real-life victim of that type of abuse/crime, how do you think you would feel watching/reading this?
• How do you think your family/friends would respond?
• Do you think that the way in which it was handled/portrayed would help, or hinder, your healing process?
• If you were the director/author/screen-writer, knowing what you know about victimization, what would you change?



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