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In your response paper, you should respond critically and originally to an idea, concept, theory, argument, claim or typology from one or more of the assigned readings for that day’s class. You should focus on a single idea—unless you are comparing ideas from two readings. The paper should not be “stream of consciousness”, nor should it simply convey your “feelings” about a reading. Instead, it should make an argument—a statement with which someone could disagree. Your argument should be original. It should not simply restate the argument of the author. Please state your argument (thesis) in the first paragraph, and preferably in the first sentence. Also underline your thesis. You should then back up your argument with evidence—either from the text, from other readings in the course, from the press, or from your general knowledge. Quotations are fine, but long quotations are not. You should assume that your audience is your classmates and I. We have read the material so there is no need to summarize it. However, we did not read it in the same way that you did. Show us that your argument is a reasonable one and that it will help us understand the material in a different way. You will be graded mainly for the strength of your ideas. But you will also be graded for your ability to convey those ideas clearly and logically. A sample of a strong paper is on the course web page.

What are some ways of responding to the readings?

1. Evaluate an author’s idea. Does the idea, concept, theory, argument, claim or typology make logical sense? Does the author contradict himself or herself? What are some possible competing ideas or explanations? Has the author attempted to test his or her ideas and are those tests convincing? (this might not apply for review articles) How well does the author’s idea generalize to other areas of social life?

2. Expand on an author’s ideas. Is there something that you would add to the author’s idea, concept, theory, argument, claim or typology?

3. Compare and contrast two or more ideas or authors. Does a given author or idea support, oppose, complement or add another dimension to others? Is it more or less useful than others for thinking about a particular issue?

4. Consider the practical or political implications of the author’s idea. Do those implications seem desirable or feasible? Why or why not?
ps:you may pick one reading that you are comfortable with the idea to write about, the readings i attached are short, you can read them all and pick one, and i attached a strong sample paper that shows what the teacher’s expectation about this response paper, please read it for a better expectation.



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