Researching Information for Business

Project description

Course Work TWO (Report) 60%
Using previous research from your evaluation in Coursework One, write a report discussing and analysing what has been written on the chosen topic. You also need to discuss and analyse numerical data from the most relevant table of numeric information on pages 6 to 8.

You need to have a good understanding of the trends on your chosen topic. The report will provide embedded tables and charts in your report to illustrate those trends. Consequently, your report will ideally include information from the two resources selected in Part B of CW1 whilst referring closely to your data analysis.

Your numeric data analysis should be done using Microsoft Excel and should include the use of percentage share and percentage change analysis. A reference list should be included at the end of the report.

Your conclusion should highlight an area for further investment or improvement.

You must also hand in printouts of the Microsoft Excel worksheets (printed directly from Excel) used to perform your analysis; these should be printed in both normal print mode showing the results of calculations and also printed showing the formulas used.

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