Research Report – The Public’s perception of the impacts of gambling

Topic: Research Report – The Public’s perception of the impacts of gambling
Order Description
The Research Report needs to be between 1500- 1800 words. It is the final step of the research process and
follows the Literature Review that I placed on the last order which received an average score of 30/50 (60%).

The topic for the Research Report which is to be written in REPORT FORMAT is:
The public’s perception of the impacts of gambling
The marking criteria for this assessment item are.
The Abstract succinctly explains the major components of the paper
The Introduction of the report is a succinct summary of the Literature Review
The Introduction leads logically to the aims/hypotheses of the research
Evidence of scientific thinking in the Discussion
Evidence of critical thinking in the Discussion
Appropriate suggestions for future research
Correctly formatted references
Adherance to good writing practices (spelling and grammar
Adherance to the structure of a research report
Overall ability to write succinctly and accurately
Keep these criteria in mind when writing your Introduction.

Before you commence on the Research Report, it is imperative that you refer to the attachments uploaded with this order named ‘Writing the Research Report’ as well as the Literature Review which was my previous order with Aussiessay scoring only 60%.

Listed below are research articles that were provided for my last order – Literature Review.

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