Research Report, Factor Analysis of New Measure- “Environmental Sensitivity”

Research Report, Factor Analysis of New Measure- “Environmental Sensitivity”

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It is a report/ factory analysis (USING SPSS) of a new measure in APA, on the construct of “Environmental Sensitivity” (also been called “Sensory-processing sensitivity” & “Biological sensitivity to context”). It is a reasonably new construct but was originally based on “introversion”. There have now been shown to have biological and genetic links. I know the content very well however the tutors want to focus on the “behavioural” components of the construct instead of it’s intrinsic variability (that has been shown in literature) and I just can’t write that perspective because I really disagree with it! But I need to get through this unit to finish my degree.

My class developed scales (last assignment) and the most common were used in a survey to collect data (within our unit online).Three sub-scales were used. This data now needs to be put through a factor analysis to find a clear (probably 3 or 4) factor solution. It also needs to be validated against other measures (provided). All decisions within the analysis must be explained (at least briefly)

A clear introduction with literature review and definition of the construct must underpin all factor decisions. Mostly using the articles provided. And obviously a strong discussion backing up and explaining the findings must follow the results.

If the results of the factor analysis do not match the original hypothesis that is fine, as long as it is backed up and explained.

I will attach the task sheet, rubric and extra info and articles. Please contact me if you need any extra infomation. 15 sources is just an estimate more is great ?? But try to include the provided articles. No Internet (non-peer reviewed) sources. Please provide DOIs.

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