Research Essay on “Bless Me Ultima”

Topic: Research Essay on “Bless Me Ultima”

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* Must have 3 outside sources, 1 book, 1 periodical, and any source from data quest.

Topics to discuss (choose one) :

1. Ananlyze the importance of “The Golden Carp.” What importance does it have to a major theme in the book, and why is it so important to Tony? Use Two examples from the novel.

2. Analyze the growth or maturation of Tony from boyhood to manhood in the novel. Discuss three major events that he experiences that change him, and what is it that he finally learns about life and being a “man” at the end of the novel.

3. Analyze the significance of the character “Ultima” in the novel. Through her Character Anaya carefully treats thin line between “Bruja” and “Curandrea.” What are the differences? Discuss three examples of this from throughout the novel.

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