Report on Sustainability Practice

Topic: Report on Sustainability Practice

Order Description
Weight: 40%, Length: 2000 words (+-) 10%, excluding references and appendices

Task Description:
This report requires students to critically evaluate tourism practices and how such practices align with or deviate from principles of sustainability. Students need to choose a tourism business in order to analyse their sustainability practices based on given criteria. The tasks include:
1. Briefly outline the business chosen for this assessment. The business needs to be either an accommodation provider or a tour company. It is recommended that the business needs to have enough information available from online sources or that students can visit the operation to assist in their assessment.
2. Identify the most important sustainability issues and challenges facing the business and its operation.
3. Apply either Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators or The Ecotourism Australia ROC and ECO certification criteria to assess how the business is addressing sustainability. Identify three (3) areas of strength and three (3) areas of weakness in the business’s sustainability practice. The application of the criteria will be directed by the student’s assessment of the important sustainability issues facing the operation.
4. Based on your analysis and identification of weaknesses, make three recommendations to the business to improve sustainability practices. Include peer reviewed articles to identify the problems associated with implementing sustainable tourism and how suggested improvements could be made.
1. You should have a minimum of 9 academic journal articles to support your analysis.
2. Do NOT cite your lecturers, or lecture notes as references.
3. You may use newspaper articles and other website reports as evidence of issues in addition to peer reviewed articles.

Suggested Structure and Contents
1. Introduction (Introducing the business and the purpose of the report)
2. Sustainability Issues (key economic, socio-cultural, and environmental issues and challenges the business is facing)
3. Assessment of Operation (assess business operation against key criteria in the sustainability certification program you have chosen, identify 3 strengths and 3 problematic areas)
4. Discussion of Potential Improvement (make 3 recommendations based on literature)
5. Conclusion (a brief summary of the whole report)
6. References

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