Reflective Analysis

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Your Reflective Analysis should accomplish five tasks:
1. It should make an argument about your writing development. It may help to concentrate on one of these topics: writing process, revision, ability to use writing technologies, writing a collaboratively-written document, using research and evidence.
2. It should use artifacts of your own writing as evidence for your argument. Use the documents you uploaded (one major project, two informal compositions) as sources in your analysis.
3. It should perform ‘meta-analysis’ on those artifacts as you make your argument. By ‘meta-analysis’ I mean analyzing your own work, or writing about your writing.
4. It should be directed to a specific audience. You choose: employer, friend, teacher, parent, guardian, future child, yourself!
Though the sources you’re describing are your own, you should provide proper in-text citations, just as you would with any other source in a composition. Essentially, you’ll be citing yourself. Here’s an example:

In my second project for English 101, I discuss the impact of drafting on my writing development: ‘I have always drafted because I have been required to. But I really wanted to reflect analytically on how the process of drafting actually impacted my overall writing development. Was I becoming a ‘better’ writer?” (“Drafting and Development” 1).


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