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Topic: Reagan Biography

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Direct quotes from the book must include page numbers given in parenthesis (MLA style).
Question:Several of you criticized Alonzo Hamby regarding his FDR biography for ignoring or downplaying negatives of the president. For example, you correctly raised the question of the internment of the Japanese-Americans and the little attention that Hamby paid the event. This ties clearly to the greatest challenge for many biographers often becomes becoming too intertwined with the subject and moving from objective analysis to advocacy. This often leads to choices to include and exclude materials.

In this essay, you need to answer the question: What did Brands ignore or downplay in Reagan: The Life? While he had 300 more pages than Hamby to write the story, what did he choose to leave out that might have been important to creating a better vision of Reagan and his times, both positive and negative [I would encourage you to use book reviews in trying to assist your evaluation. There are plenty available online].

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