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This assignment requires you to design a lesson plan which meets the needs of a child with a disability or additional need. You may use subheadings in your work if you desire.
Length: 1500 words plus lesson plan
This assignment aims to give you experience in a lesson plan to ensure that you have adopted practices to include a student with a disability or additional need in your class.
You are required to choose a disability from the below list.
• cerebral palsy
• attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
• learning difficulty (reading)
• moderate hearing impairment
• Asperger’s syndrome
• mild intellectual disability
• vision impairment
• gifted and talented
1. Discuss the disability/special need that you have chosen to examine. Explain the impact that the disability or additional need may have on the student’s learning (approx. 500 words).
2. Prepare a lesson plan with the view that you would teach this lesson to a regular class.
Accurately identify the specific strategies/accommodations/adjustments that a teacher would need to do in the classroom to cater for the specific learning needs of the student with the chosen disability/additional need.
3. Justify the strategies, adjustments and/or accommodations you have made to enable the successful inclusion of this student. Support your ideas with appropriate academic literature (1000 words).
1. Demonstrates a sound understanding of the chosen additional need or disability
2. Well selected accommodations and adjustments for the lesson plan
3. Demonstrates a sound understanding of the principles underpinning inclusive education
4. Demonstrates understanding of differentiation
5. Critical analysis and discussion of pedagogical considerations and implications
6. Provides a sound understanding of the implications in having a child with the chosen disability in the classroom.
7. Correct use of inclusive terminology
8. Selects appropriate recent and relevant academic research literature. Evidence of at least 10 academic sources including the set text
9. Correct use of the APA referencing style.
10. Uses appropriate and clear academic writing. Work is free from grammatical and spelling errors and within the word limit.

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