The question need to be answered in no more than a total of 600-750 words for each. put on a double-spaced regular –sized letter 8 ½ x 11 paper, 12 point type- there will generally be 250-300 words per page. So you will need to get well-organized before writing your answer. Also a question requiring student to create/compose his own responsive, reflective and analytical answer- a thought question based on course materials. Also do not put any citation not used on the material.
Recognizing the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) to a country’s economic growth and development, India, which had an inward oriented growth strategy for a long time, opened up its economy to foreign investors in 1991.
A. Critically evaluate two major measures the Indian government has undertaken to attract foreign investors to invest in the country.

B. Additionally, despite its government’s continued efforts to make the FDI policy more liberal and investor-friendly, India still faces several significant challenges that are viewed as impediments to FDI inflows. Identify and discuss two major challenges that might deter foreign investors and hamper India’s prospects of attracting FDI in the future.

C. Assuming you represent a U.S.- based multinational corporation contemplating investing in and doing business in India, do you see any possible challenges to such FDI arising under U.S. law?

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