Pyramid Structure

To think logically, it is essential to take the following steps:
0 Step 1: Identify a problem in the form of a question.
0 Step 2: Create a structure.
0 Step 3: Analyze and interpret information
0 Step 4: Support your interpretation with appropriate evidence.
(Performing overall checks)
But, it is extremely difficult to perform all these steps in our head. Hence, a tool for visualizing,
oganizing, and communicating these steps is essential. The Pyramid Structure is such a tool.
The Pyramid Structure associates a conclusion (interpretation) and its supporting evidence with each
3 ‘ u I I o 0
other in the form of logical triangles, expressed visually. This tool enables you to plainly express and
recognize a logic structure as a conclusion and its evidence, no matter how complex a theme may be.
People around the world use the Pyramid Structure as a tool for thinking and communication in business
in multiple ways. It is used in memos, presentations and in making arguments, just to name a few.
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Imerpretatio L L L Supporting
(analysis) Keymessage Keymessage Keymessage with Widence

to answer the questions forthe structure ‘We will study analysis in detail in Unit2
E Understanding conditions correctly Identifying the cause l
(Analyzing Outputs) (Finding Inputs those affect Outputs) E
3 M Reveal the cause (lnp uts E
1 w @ thoseaftect Outputs)why the 1
5 conditions (Outputs) are 1
w w happening. E
Divide the whole into parts (components). study (And repeatedly consider why
the characteristics of each parts and overall trends, 0 the cause happened.)
‘~._‘_a_nd understand condiligns(9y}ggts_)_cqrfe§Qy.___________________________________________________,«’

Think about a structure you should adopt for the following two situations:
not (1) Training for new employees
In his eighth year in the sales section, Mr. C has in the last few years been assigned to offer on-the-job
an training to his company’s new employees. Feeling the recruits have declined in their job skills, Mr. C has
1 to approached the chief of his section with the need to step up training programs. To Mr. C’s surprise, the
section chief disagreed, saying, “Really? Personally, I don’t think our new employees are that bad.”
What should Mr. th ection chief to ersuade him? What structure should he use to support his
(2) Sales activities for health drinks
You are in charge of sales at a health drinks manufacturer targeting the general public. You would like to
eel approach a retail store with a proposal to stock a new product your company had developed. But you
an, have not been able to develop a relationship with the store owner who seems to be very busy. What are
313 the points you should emphasize when approaching the store owner?



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