Pure NZ (Case study 2.1, Chapter 2, Page

Identify and formulate the management decision problem based on the case.
2. Formulate two relevant research questions that address the management decision problem and provide the rationale for your selection of the research questions.
3. For each of the research questions, formulate two research objectives that would guide the market research team to develop a suitable research design. Provide brief justifications for selection of the research questions where appropriate.

The details of the case along with the chapter contents are more than sufficient for you to respond to the given questions. You can do your further background research if you require. You can refer to academic journals and textbooks for clarity in defining research problems, questions and objectives. The case is based on materials from Chapters 1,2 and 3 along with the topics of the lecture and tute in the first three weeks. No feedback will be provided before the submissions.
? Please review the mark weightings (in the evaluation criteria) assigned to each of the questions to construct your responses.
? The case analysis has a relatively short word limit which will be strictly enforced. Going over the word limit will have a negative impact on marking. The intention is to focus your write-up on strategic analysis and analytical recommendations. The one thing to avoid is simple restatement of case data and facts. What Iam looking for is strategic insight supported by logical analysis. Your analysis should be compact, specific, practical, context specific, relevant and directly pertinent to key case questions.
? The case analysis can include references from peer-reviewed academic journals, textbooks, business magazines, industry whitepapers, newspapers, credible and reliable websites and marketing textbooks to confirm the strength and quality of your work and analysis.

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