Public viewing of the euro 2016 championship in Budapest

Topic: Public viewing of the euro 2016 championship in Budapest

Order Description
This Paper should strictly follow the uploaded criteria that i will upload.

A Project Report on an event/project of your choice

Topic An event of your choice
If you want to write the HA on another type of project, discuss with me first
It should be a real project: one that is planned, under way or already completed

Objective To apply the learned concepts to a real project
Prepare a project plan for a real case

Deadline 13rd May, 2016, 15:00

Group Max. 4 students in a group!!!

Size 9-15 A4 pages

Font 12, line spacing 1.5

Copies 1 hard copy in class (during seminar), 1 soft copy to Moodle

Important remarks If external sources are used, referencing must be clear
Original work is a must: plagiarism or using previous home assignments as a basis will result in 0% with no opportunity to rewrite the assignment

Required contents

1. Executive summary
1.1. One page summary of all important facts about the project

2. Project plan
2.1. Some statements on why the project is needed
2.2. Project organization: sponsor, customer, steering committee (if there was), team, project manager, tasks and responsibilities
2.3. Scope statement (detailed, based on lecture slides), including project background (=preliminaries, external conditions)
2.4. Stakeholder analysis (power interest matrix or commitment chart)
2.5. WBS with the description of activities (tree diagram or contents-type list) – this should be in line with the Scope Statement
2.6. Detailed schedule
– Network diagram (AON) including critical path, float
– Gantt-diagram (a simple one can be prepared in Excel and then inserted into the home assignment document)
– the schedule should be in line with previous contents (Scope Statement, WBS etc.)
2.7-Resource plan
– Human resource plan (who will carry out the activities, when and where)
– Other resources: equipments, tools
– the resource plan should be in line with previous contents (Scope Statement, WBS, schedule etc.)
2.8. Budget
– Project budget and financial reports if applicable (NPV, Net Cash Flow, …)
2.9. Risk management plan
2.10. Communication plan
3. Conclusion: a short evaluation of how could you apply the project management tools for this project

You have to prepare only one of the three points in italic (2.4, 2.8, 2.10), it is up to you which one.

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