Topic: Pshychology

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“I get nervous when I do bits of training so when I am back in that environment and with a crowd of people watching and some really fast girls in the race I am going to be nervous. I’m nervous just talking about it” (Jessica Ennis-Hill, 2015). Critically discuss this quote using the cusp catastrophe model of anxiety and performance (Hardy & Fazey, 1987) and related research highlighting the impact of anxiety symptoms on sport performance.
Marking allocation

Introduction – Introduce the topic /5

Definition of terms – this should not be an exhaustive list but terms defined throughout answer as they emerge /10

Description of appropriate theory –predictions, effects, propositions /30

Addressing the question – Discussion – research – comparisons/contrast /30

Use of literature – /20

Conclusion – A suitable conclusion/summary based up on what has been specifically discussed. /5

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