Program Evaluation And Design

Question/ ‘A level 2 evaluation measures trainees’ learning. Such measures determine the extent to which participants have improved or increased their knowledge or skills as a result of training. The evaluation question at this level is, what do participants know now that they didn’t know before?
1. Read Barksdale Case Example #2 on page 72.
2. Using tool 5.1 build a chart of ‘anchors’ for the situation described in Case #2 p.
A. Define the performance or learning objective to be supported
B. Use the format of 5.1 to create your chart
First Section Is to finish creating the chart as described above in the instruction

Please read the instructions and the chapter attached carefully.

Important information:

(Question A, just write four to five sentences )

(Question B,follow the instruction above) I have already created the chart to make it easier for you. You just need to fill out the chart with the information from the case example # 2. (One – two sentences in each gap of the chart)
Second Section Is to critique 4 chart of my classmates (exactly the same chart above but different perspectives) I have attached the four charts for my classmate.

Also you can check out the chart before you start doing to help you understand ing easier.
How many pages?
First Section: Just one full page (three sentence to answer A then do the chart)
Second Section: Two pages. Make sure that you answer (critique) each student’s chart individually(Student # 1 then Student #2 and so on)

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