Product Offering Assignment

Airlines offer a variety of products ranging from the no-frills air transportation to international first class featuring amenity-filled cubicles with fully reclining seat/beds and attentive in-flight service. This assignment is intended to illustrate the variety of airline product offerings available and stimulate thinking about how best to serve the diverse wants and needs of passengers.

Europe’s Ryanair is well known for its cheap fares and bare-bones service. Europe’s old line network carriers including British Airways, Air France/KLM and Lufthansa, on the other hand, offer more choices and features within Europe and to major destinations worldwide.

In a short research paper, compare and contrast Ryaniar’s product with one of Europe’s full-service airlines. Choose a city-pair that both carriers serve. Be certain to investigate flight frequency, origin and destination airports (Ryanair often does not serve the primary airport), cabins, amenities, price, and ancillary fees. Next, discuss the targeted passenger segment(s) and conclude with an evaluation of each carrier’s overarching business strategy. Explain your assessment of the most profitable strategy. The text of the paper should summarize your findings and emphasize critical differences, but some details may be best suited to appendices. In his chapter on product planning, Doganis lays a foundation for comparing products.

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