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Garrett, G.A. (2010).World class contracting
(5th ed.).Riverwoods,IL: CCH Inc.

Using the Request ForProposal you have selected at the beginning of the course, answer the four questions below in detail. Submit this assessment as one comprehensive document of no less than 500 words.
1. Put together a list of labor, materials, supplies and contingency funding that is required for your selected RFP. Create a basic budget for your project. Since the project is fictitious and the RFP may not contain all details, some of this information will have to be created. This can be a table inserted into the MS Word document or an excel spreadsheet copied and pasted.

2. What contract and procurement methods (i.e. competitive, non-competitive) do you feel are appropriate to solicit goods and services for your project? (Hint- Chapter 6 in the textbook outlines some of the major methods.) Justify your selection. You can use more than one method depending on the needs of your project.

3. What criteria will you use in vendor selection? List at least three criteria you will use to make your final selections once you decided on the contract procurement method(s) you will use.

4. Explain how budget planning is related risk management for the RFP you have selected.
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