predict the media world will look like in 20 years

create a presentation in pdf, powerpoint, prezi, awebsite or a video that predicts what you believe the media world will look like in 20 years.

Using the three principles of successful media (Acceptance, monetization, and confluence), predict the nature of content, production and technology in the next decade.

How will content change?
Will production companies continue to create scripted dramas and comedies, or will video, audio and print content is all “real”, or some combination of the two?
Knowing what you know about the history of various media ,what specific examples can you cite form the past and from this course that might lead you to a conclusion of what might be happening in the future?

How will we make media in the future?
Will we still need a TV and radio(or even a smartphone?)
How will media be stylized? Will journalists continue to wear skirts and suits, will media hosts are more casual, or their appearance be topic-dependent? Will physical sets be completely replaced by virtal backgrounds?

Which existing platforms will still be use?
Citing specific examples from history covered in the class, how will they have evolved? Which delivery methods do you think will be obsolete? Which media, if any, will die in next 10 years? Which media will qualify as a disruptive technology? Do you see an end to TV networks and cable companies?


After collecting and organizing your thoughts, design and create a project or paper that fully and creatively depicts and describes your vision. Your Final project can take any form, and you are encouraged to get as imaginative as you can .

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