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Topic: practice analysis

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Assessment #1 – Practice analysis
??This assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of applied child centred practice:

• Develop a multi-layered intervention plan involving children, their families and communities utilising a child centred, ecological perspective
• . Demonstrate the application of a body of knowledge to ethically address a problem
• .Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of current trends and discourses in family policy and practice in Australia and their relevance to families and children.
• Articulate a decision-making process that takes account of the tensions between ethical principles when the interests of children, young people, their families may conflict with the percieved interests of the broader community.
• Communicate clearly in a professional style

Imagine that you are a social worker who is required to work with Zoe, her family and foster carer as they are portrayed in the DVD ‘Removed’ part 1 (available on the learn on line site under topic 1).In this instance you are working towards reunifying Zoe with her mother and little brother so that they may safely live together.
Applying theories and perspectives learned through this course, develop a comprehensive plan for intervention in this family from an ecological perspective which involves the children, the family and their community. You may not be aware of the specific services available in the community, but you should indicate what kinds of resources you would wish to investigate and involve and the intended effects of this involvement.
You should include an analysis of the family based on the information you have, and consider how the family dynamics as well as political and community influences would impact on your multilayered plan. How will your plan involve the children, family and the community? What are the challenges that are posed by reconciling statutory obligations, requirements and constraints with ethics and knowledge base of Social Work? How can any conflicts between these principles be resolved?

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