PR plan

The Assignment:
1. Prepare a brief PR plan for the announcement — no more than a page. This short summary report should state the purpose and objective for the plan, identify the communication tools and methods you will use to implement it, and any other details which will be necessary for top management to make a decision on whether they want to follow this method of announcing the product. These tools can include any or all of the following: news releases, social media releases, pitch letters, newsletters, brochures, blogs, websites, webcasts, Facebook pages, videos, speeches — and anything else we discussed in this class. IT IS KEY TO DESCRIBE HOW THEY WILL WORK TOGETHER
The document should state what you plan to do, how you plan to do it and what will be the payoff for the corporation. It should also point out any risks and make a recommendation on a course of action. (In the real world it would include a budget, but we?ll save that for the real world.)
2. Write a traditional news release announcing the new product, along with TWO other elements in your plan. At least ONE of those additional elements must be a form of online or social media
(A). a traditional news release
(B). a speech:
Prepare remarks for a five to eight minute speech for your CEO. (FYI: Formal speaking in English is usually around 100 to 120 words per minute. Thus a five-minute speech should be around 500 to 600 words, and an eight-minute speech 800 to 960 words.) ABOUT THE NEW PRODUCTS

I should receive:

1. Prepare a brief PR plan for the announcement 1.5 page
2. a traditional news release one page
3. a speech: two pages and a half
4. a brochure: two pages

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