Postmodern Art

a.Watch the video on Smart History/Khan Academy entitled “1960-Age of Post-Colonialism: Colonialism.html?searched=Becoming+Modern&highlight=ajaxSearch_highlight+ajaxSearch_highlight1+ajaxSearch_highlight2
b.For each of the 3 artworks discussed respond to the following questions:
i.Do you find it elitist? Why or why not?
ii.What is Post-Modern about it? Refer to Ch. 12 for a better understanding of Postmodernism.
iii.How does it represent the human body?
iv.What is your reaction to the work of art? Do you like it or not and why?
c.Follow the guidelines and make an effort!

Responses must be MINIMUM 300 words. They need to be written in essay form (no enumeration unless otherwise specified).

Critical thinking is an important part of processing what you are learning.

Your written work should improve throughout the semester and your grades for the essays and the museum paper will be based on the following:
• Responsiveness to the assignment, clearly demonstrating that you have read and understood the material
• Use of explanation and specific detail to support and clarify your claims
• Standard grammar, punctuation, spelling and English usage
• Use specific examples such as title, date, artist, brief description
• Free of plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as taking and using the thoughts
and writings of another person as if they were your own. This includes plagiarizing another student from this or a previous semester, a website, museum brochure or any other written material. The copying of more than four or five words in a row without citing the source is considered plagiarism. If I discover ANY use of plagiarism, even if it is only one sentence, you will receive a zero for that essay. You will not be able to make up the essay. Further plagiarism will lead to an F for the course and notification of the University.

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