Poster and explanation

Poster and explanation

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For this task you are to imagine that NSW PCYC’S and Youth Action (the peak organisation representing young people and youth services in NSW) are holding a poster competition. They are concerned that punitive (punishment focused)responses to governing young people in NSW is having a net-widening effect that is seeing more and more young people come in contact with the criminal justice system. They would like to draw public, police and private security to the special needs of young people as citizens in progress.

Your task is to produce an A4 size POSTER accompanied by a 500 word explanation that addresses the theme below,

The criminalisation of youth culture

Use a minimum of two scholarly sources
You must acknowledge the images and ideas of others, and reference direct quotes.
Viewpoints within the explanation needs to be substantiated using relevant literature, empirical evidence, and convincing argumentation
You can use some text on your poster but this should be very limited and used only when absolutely necessary.


PAGE 1: POSTER, This can be produced by either hand drawing, painting, computer programs such as power point, publisher or other soft ware the method is entirely up to you.

Pages 2 and 3: 500 word explanation of poster referenced to sources

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