Portfolio Subject

Submit your topic/issue idea for your final Portfolio project. Provide at least one “Example Site” link and one “Perspective” link, with a rough draft of the 50-100-

word overview of each.  Critical Thinking exercises for modules 3, 4, 5 and 7 all ask you to choose and discuss a website. Feel free to use any of the sites you choose

for these exercises in your portfolio. You can even rework your discussion of sites for any of the Critical Thinking exercises to use as part of your portfolio.The

Portfolio Project is due at the end of Module 8. Read the following description carefully. Choose a topic or issue in which digital media play a significantly

influential part. Provide the following elements to complete a Portfolio. All work must be well written and formatted according to CSU-Global APA guidelines.

For your topic or issue, provide links to example sites, perspectives, and resources, and then write link annotations as described below. You will end up with 8 links,

each of which should have a 50-100 word annotation.

• Example Sites – Provide links to at least 3 examples of web sites that demonstrate some aspect of how digital media influence that topic or issue.

• Perspectives – Provide links to at least 3 sites that provide substantive examples of perspectives on the influence of digital media on that topic or issue. Taken

together, these examples should show a range of diversity in opinion that roughly represents the variety of perspectives related to your topic or issue.

• Resources – Provide links to at least 2 sites that provide resources for further exploration of the topic.

Link annotations – For each of the links described above, provide a 50-100 word overview of what the site portrays and provides a quick synopsis of what it exemplifies

and/or why it is of interest to the larger topic or issue you’re covering (total minimum of 8 links and annotations).


(500-700 words) Describe and discuss the evolution of your own perspective. Identify historical and theoretical perspectives you find especially useful and/or

compelling and discuss how and why the affected your thinking. Describe various influences (academic, experiential, informal, etc.) on your thinking about the topic

both before and during this course. Place your perspective in context of the range of perspectives on this topic/issue, drawing on the historical overview. Identify

and substantively address at least one key objection to your views.

Original Perspective & Analysis essay

(1250-2000 words) Drawing on historical and theoretical perspectives and the self-reflective discussion above, write a critical essay that presents an original

position about the significance of digital media on an aspect of your topic or issue. Discuss and cite some or all of your curated links, the course texts and

articles, as well as other resources you’ve found through your research. Give an overview of how you think this issue/topic might unfold in the future. Make sure to

provide evidence and to fairly present and address objections to the stand you’re taking. Provide your bibliography in CSU-Global APA format.

Your Portfolio should be submitted as a single file.

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