Playing with tradition;

Creative Non-Fiction
QUESTION ONE: – Playing with tradition
Your own little Golden Gate
Your assignment is to write three sonnets worthy of the name, on any subject you choose.
Take a page from Vikram Seth and go for modern language and subject matter, but package your ideas in the classic rhyme and rhythm of the traditional form.
You will find this assignment can really help with prose writing as well, making you much more aware of how to use cadence and rhythm in your sentences and paragraphs.

QUESTION TWO: – Kerplopping Frogs
Write your own version of the frog haiku as best you can, since you are not exactly translating from the Japanese, but rather building on some examples in English….
Then over the course of the week write several more haiku style poems on some things you have observed this week in your own day to day life…remember that

traditional haiku are in three lines of five, seven and five syllables.
I’d like one haiku to be about commuting, if you commute.
One about preparing food
Any number of others about any subject of your choice…
One page.

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