Philadelphia Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant


Provide a general description of the water body or treatment system. Your description should address these aspects of the water body:

What are its tributaries and what is it tributary to?

What type of landscape does it drain?

What sources of pollutants are present?

Identify any background data or literature on the water body.

Describe any water quality challenges the water body or treatment system may face.


Describe a monitoring plan designed to give insight into the state of this water body or treatment system, including identifying parameters of concern, sources of pollutants, critical locations, etc. Indicate specific locations, parameters, frequency of monitoring, etc.

Monitoring/Sampling Plan:
– watershed approach
– Sites selected upstream and intensive water sampling taken, then random sampling down stream along industry discharges
– Inferences made to the rest of the watershed

– Sample water quality, aquatic macroinvertebrates, amphibians, and fish

– monitor changes in vegetation, birds, mammals, and certain invertebrates at sites that are close to each other
– Analyze microbiologic life under microscope in lab, see what species thrive

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