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Crisis Management and Communication
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Course Description:

This course focuses on the issues relevant to planning, development and execution of crisis communications programs for Businesses, and organizations including public relations techniques for communication with stakeholders during a crisis.

Course Learning Outcome
1. Understand the impact of crises on the community, the organization, & its stakeholders.
2. Demonstrate methods of diagnosing & resolving crisis situations.
3. Create PR communications for segmented publics.
4. Understand personal responses to crisis as influenced by knowledge, skills, abilities, and biases.
5. Develop skills to resolve, minimize damage, or avoid chaos before, during and after a crisis.
6. Understand the nature of organizational crises: origins, red flags, & preventative steps.
7. Learn to forecast a crisis, isolate and manage its symptomatic precursors, and prioritize responses.

Please see below for further information:

Term Paper Announcement:

Considering the Class of Crisis Management and Communication to this point, you are to prepare a “TERM paper”. you are to chose a different topic on Crisis Management, namely a case representing conflict resolution, frozen conflicts, communication during operations, in a different geographical region and in a different element which should also combine the elements of forecasting, mediation, mitigation and communication during a crisis, as we mentioned in class. The topics should be on global strategy and security crises.
You are to provide a term paper analysis in this new case, which should include argumentation and statements, description, analysis and for those that wish a for the extra mark a comparative approach.

Remember that this term paper should be on a current and/or ONGOING crisis happening, or developing.

Below information will reflect mostly the structure of the expected paper, with added new elements (Quotes and Proper references from a variety of sources). Please make sure that your references are plenty and are completed in term of the Chicago Style.

General questions you must remember (while keeping it simple and to the point):
Why, when, where, how, with what, tools. Aims, objectives, reasoning, argumentation, lessons learned and recommendations are parts of your questions and answers to your exam.

Provide at all times evidence through proper referencing and/or quotes.

Once you have completed the valued paper, please go for the extra value and add lessons learned and proposals show the reader that you have accomplished adding value and have completed the course learning outcome.

Make sure you add the value of mediation and mitigation/ communication effectiveness and operational capacity building.

Make sure that you clarify terminology and you add the terminology that you are going to use from your beginning.

Per the structure of the paper

a. It should include clear structure
b. Statements and arguments
c. Methodology and research orientation (quantitative basically research) that you will use -refer-solely, use your methodological skills inside the paper
d. Main description and analysis
e. First outcomes of each section from analysis
f. Clear chapters if you need to create chapters.
g. Clear English Grammar and Syntax. Small sentences
h. Properly cited(referenced sentences)
i. Clarity in your argument, make sure that the paper is easily readable
j. Your subject should be very specific not general. It should not be historical and should be contemporary.
k. References should be in the Chicago style of references
m. Clear conclusion with the overview of the reasoning, statement and lessons learned.
n. Way forward this time? (open door policy)
1- Chicago style use as both references and citations. Cite your work inside the document.
2- Update references 2015 & 2016.
3- Use 8 Academic journals, 3 official Website and 4 Books.
4- Use footnotes. Make sure the work is yours at all times. The more information and reference you add to the paper the more value you add.

Cite your work inside the document. If necessary use footnotes. Make sure the work (analysis, description, statements and arguments are yours at all times. The more information and reference you add to the paper the more value you add. but it has to be original.

If there should be any doubts on the originality of the paper the instructor, reserves the right to ask the student to re-do the paper or withdraw marks depending on the results of the linkedin.

Please make sure that the paper is original at all times and during the duration and referencing/quotes.
Show efficassy of knowledge and conducted research. We would like to distinguish that you have done your research and completed all steps of the course learning outcomes as instructed by the syllabus and the aims/objective of this class.

Term paper should reflect your research conducted on your extra working hours.

Your capacity in analysis. The paper should be critical, analytical and offer proposals/recommendations after the lessons learned.

Do make proposals for recommendations as instructed in class after a complete pre-during-after crisis but add the new elements of communication management, strategic management, mediation, mitigation procedures. In other words what you would have done in such cases yet professionally evidenced.

It is essential that you learn to have an organized paper for a multiplicity of reasons, including showing effective thinking and writing.

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