People Like Us: Social Class in America

based on the documentary you have watched “People Like Us: Social Class in America.” Commenting on his experience
entering adulthood and climbing the social ladder in the United States,
one of the characters in the documentary said, “it’s permanent high
school.” What do you think he meant by that? Take, for instance,
somebody who grew up poor but becomes middle class (by the income they
earn). This person went to college, made new friends and acquaintances,
and they are earning a much higher wage than their parents did. What are
some of the obstacles that somebody in this position must confront, ones
that make their lives “permanent high school?” In other words, how do
they continually get reminded of social class (i.e. cliques) during
their daily lives, even when they become adults? Make references to
other characters and segments from the documentary in writing up your
answer. **Write 700-800 words in a Microsoft Word document

Here is the video link: (there are 9 parts)

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